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package org.debian.maven.repo;

import java.io.File;
import java.io.FileOutputStream;
import java.io.IOException;
import java.util.Arrays;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Properties;
import java.util.logging.Level;
import java.util.logging.Logger;
import javax.xml.stream.XMLStreamException;

 * Cleans up a POM for inclusion in the /usr/share/maven-repo/ repository.
 * All POMs should contain only 
 * @author Ludovic Claude <ludovicc@users.sourceforge.net>
00020 public class POMCleaner extends POMTransformer {

    private static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(POMCleaner.class.getName());
    private static final List WRITE_IGNORED_ELEMENTS = Arrays.asList(new String[]{"build",
                "distributionManagement", "profiles", "ciManagement", "prerequisites",
                "repositories", "pluginRepositories", "reports", "reporting", "modelVersion",

    private boolean keepAllElements = false;

    public POMCleaner() {

    public boolean isKeepAllElements() {
        return keepAllElements;

    public void setKeepAllElements(boolean keepAllElements) {
        this.keepAllElements = keepAllElements;

    public void cleanPom(File originalPom, File targetPom, File pomProperties,
            boolean noParent, boolean keepPomVersion, String setVersion, String debianPackage) {

        if (targetPom.getParentFile() != null) {
        if (pomProperties.getParentFile() != null) {

        try {
            POMInfo info = transformPom(originalPom, targetPom, noParent, keepPomVersion, setVersion, debianPackage);

            Properties pomProps = new Properties();
            pomProps.put("groupId", info.getThisPom().getGroupId());
            pomProps.put("artifactId", info.getThisPom().getArtifactId());
            pomProps.put("type", info.getThisPom().getType());
            pomProps.put("version", info.getOriginalVersion());
            pomProps.put("debianVersion", info.getThisPom().getVersion());
            FileOutputStream pomWriter = new FileOutputStream(pomProperties);
            pomProps.store(pomWriter, "POM properties");

        } catch (IOException ex) {
            log.log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex);
        } catch (XMLStreamException ex) {
            log.log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex);

    protected boolean isWriteIgnoredElement(String element) {
        if (keepAllElements) {
            return super.isWriteIgnoredElement(element);
        return WRITE_IGNORED_ELEMENTS.contains(element);

    protected boolean acceptDependency(Dependency dependency, POMInfo info) {
        if (!super.acceptDependency(dependency, info)) {
            return false;
        return "pom".equals(info.getThisPom().getType()) || !"test".equals(dependency.getScope());

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        if (args.length == 0 || "-h".equals(args[0]) || "--help".equals(args[0])) {
            System.out.println("Purpose: cleans a Maven POM for inclusion in the Debian/Maven repository in /usr/share/maven-repo");
            System.out.println("Usage: [option] original-pom target-file pom-properties");
            System.out.println("  -v, --verbose: be extra verbose");
            System.out.println("  -o, --no-parent: don't inherit from a parent POM");
            System.out.println("  -p<package>, --package=<package>: name of the Debian package containing");
            System.out.println("    this library");
            System.out.println("  -r<rules>, --rules=<rules>: path to the file containing the");
            System.out.println("    extra rules to apply when cleaning the POM");
            System.out.println("  -u<rules>, --published-rules=<rules>: path to the file containing the");
            System.out.println("    extra rules to publish in the property debian.mavenRules in the cleaned POM");
            System.out.println("  -i<rules>, --ignore-rules=<rules>: path to the file containing the");
            System.out.println("    extra rules use to remove certain dependencies from the cleaned POM");
            System.out.println("  --no-rules: don't apply any rules for converting versions, ");
            System.out.println("    do not even convert versions to the default 'debian' version");
            System.out.println("  -e<version>, --set-version=<version>: set the version for the POM,");
            System.out.println("    do not use the version declared in the POM file.");
            System.out.println("  --keep-pom-version: keep the original version of the POM but, ");
            System.out.println("    convert all other versions in dependencies and plugins");
            System.out.println("  --keep-all-elements: keep all elements in the POM, do a version");
            System.out.println("    transformation only, don't delete the build and other elements.");
            System.out.println("  original-pom: location of the original POM");
            System.out.println("  target-file: where the cleaned POM will be written to");
            System.out.println("  pom-properties: property file where the POM properties will be written to");
            System.out.println("  Cleans a Maven POM and prepare it for inclusion in the Debian");
            System.out.println("  repository for Maven.");
            System.out.println("  The POM will be normalised, and its parent tag removed if the option");
            System.out.println("  --no-parent is given. The version will be replaced by 'debian', unless");
            System.out.println("  a special rule applies (see below the discussion about rules).");
            System.out.println("  Build, profiles and other build time only sections of the POM");
            System.out.println("  will be stripped.");
            System.out.println("  If versions are given for a dependency, this version will be");
            System.out.println("  replaced by the 'debian' version, or a rule can be given to");
            System.out.println("  use a custom version");
            System.out.println("  You can modify those defaults with the help of the");
            System.out.println("  rules file. This file should contain the lines with the format:");
            System.out.println("  <groupId> [artifactId] [type] [version]");
            System.out.println("  where groupId, artifactId, type and version can be the explicit attribute to");
            System.out.println("  match, or can contain a wildcard (*) for generic matches.");
            System.out.println("  Each one of those elements can also be a replace rule, of the form");
            System.out.println("  s/<regex>/<replace>/ where regex is a regular expression, and replace");
            System.out.println("  is the replacement. Substitution groups $1 $2... can be used in the");
            System.out.println("  replacement if capture groups () have been used in the regex.");
            System.out.println("  The first element is mandatory (groupId), but you can ignore the following");
            System.out.println("  elements.");
            System.out.println("  If the version is missing, then any version will be replaced with 'debian'.");
            System.out.println("  If type is missing, then any type is matched.");
            System.out.println("  If artifactId is missing, then any artifactId is matched.");
            System.out.println("  You can also have comments in this file, it should be a line starting with #");
            System.out.println("  Example of a rules file:");
            System.out.println("  s/commons-(.*)/org.apache.commons.commons$1/");
            System.out.println("  org.itext * * s/1\\..*/1.x/");
            System.out.println("  org.itext * * s/2\\..*/2.x/");
            System.out.println("  org.codehaus.plexus plexus-container-default jar s/1\\.0-alpha-.*/1.0-alpha/");
            System.out.println("  This rules file does the following:");
            System.out.println("  - all groupIds starting with commons- will have org.apache.commons. prefixed to them");
            System.out.println("  - any artifact in the org.itext group with a version number starting with 1. will");
            System.out.println("    use the 1.x version");
            System.out.println("  - any artifact in the org.itext group with a version number starting with 2. will");
            System.out.println("    use the 2.x version");
            System.out.println("  - the jar with groupId=org.codehaus.plexus and artifactId=plexus-container-default and a");
            System.out.println("    version starting with 1.0-alpha- will use the 1.0-alpha version");
            System.out.println("  The default rule (* * * s/.*/debian/) replaces any version number with");
            System.out.println("  the 'debian' version and always applies last if there was no other matches.");
        POMCleaner cleaner = new POMCleaner();
        int i = inc(-1, args);
        boolean verbose = false;
        boolean noParent = false;
        boolean noRules = false;
        boolean keepPomVersion = false;
        boolean keepAllElements = false;
        String debianPackage = "";
        String setVersion = null;
        File rulesFile = null;
        File publishedRulesFile = new File("debian/maven.publishedRules");
        File ignoreRulesFile = new File("debian/maven.ignoreRules");
        while (i < args.length && (args[i].trim().startsWith("-") || args[i].trim().length() == 0)) {
            String arg = args[i].trim();
            if ("--verbose".equals(arg) || "-v".equals(arg)) {
                verbose = true;
            } else if ("--no-parent".equals(arg) || "-o".equals(arg)) {
                noParent = true;
            } else if ("--no-rules".equals(arg)) {
                noRules = true;
            } else if ("--keep-pom-version".equals(arg)) {
                keepPomVersion = true;
            } else if ("--keep-all-elements".equals(arg)) {
                keepAllElements = true;
            } else if (arg.startsWith("-p")) {
                debianPackage = arg.substring(2);
            } else if (arg.startsWith("--package=")) {
                debianPackage = arg.substring("--package=".length());
            } else if (arg.startsWith("-r")) {
                rulesFile = new File(arg.substring(2));
            } else if (arg.startsWith("--rules=")) {
                rulesFile = new File(arg.substring("--rules=".length()));
            } else if (arg.startsWith("-u")) {
                publishedRulesFile = new File(arg.substring(2));
            } else if (arg.startsWith("--published-rules=")) {
                publishedRulesFile = new File(arg.substring("--published-rules=".length()));
            } else if (arg.startsWith("-i")) {
                ignoreRulesFile = new File(arg.substring(2));
            } else if (arg.startsWith("--ignore-rules=")) {
                ignoreRulesFile = new File(arg.substring("--ignore-rules=".length()));
            } else if (arg.startsWith("-e")) {
                setVersion = arg.substring(2);
            } else if (arg.startsWith("--set-version=")) {
                setVersion = arg.substring("--set-version=".length());
            i = inc(i, args);
        File originalPom = new File(args[i++].trim());
        File targetPom = new File(args[i++].trim());
        File pomProperties = new File(args[i++].trim());

        if (verbose) {
            System.out.println("Cleaning POM " + originalPom.getAbsolutePath() +
                    ", saving the result into " + targetPom.getAbsolutePath());

        if (!noRules) {
            if (rulesFile != null) {
                if (!rulesFile.exists()) {
                    if (verbose) {
                        System.err.println("Cannot find file: " + rulesFile);
                } else {
            if (publishedRulesFile != null && publishedRulesFile.exists()) {
        if (ignoreRulesFile != null && ignoreRulesFile.exists()) {

        cleaner.cleanPom(originalPom, targetPom, pomProperties, noParent,
                keepPomVersion, setVersion, debianPackage);

    private static int inc(int i, String[] args) {
        do {
        } while (i < args.length && args[i].length() == 0);
        return i;

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