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void org::debian::maven::repo::DependencyRuleTest::testApply (  )  [inline]

Test of apply method, of class DependencyRule.

Definition at line 32 of file DependencyRuleTest.java.

References org::debian::maven::repo::DependencyRule::apply().

        Dependency dependency = new Dependency("javax.servlet", "servlet-api", "jar", "2.3");
        DependencyRule generic = new DependencyRule("");
        DependencyRule servlet23 = new DependencyRule("javax.servlet * * 2.3");
        assertEquals(new Dependency("javax.servlet", "servlet-api", "jar", "debian"), generic.apply(dependency));
        assertEquals(new Dependency("javax.servlet", "servlet-api", "jar", "2.3"), servlet23.apply(dependency));

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