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org::debian::maven::repo::POMTransformer Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::debian::maven::repo::POMTransformer:

org::debian::maven::repo::POMReader org::debian::maven::repo::POMCleaner

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Detailed Description

Ludovic Claude <ludovicc@users.sourceforge.net>

Definition at line 34 of file POMTransformer.java.

Public Member Functions

void addDefaultRules ()
void addIgnoreRule (DependencyRule rule)
void addIgnoreRules (File file)
void addPublishedRule (DependencyRule rule)
void addPublishedRules (File file)
void addRule (DependencyRule rule)
void addRules (File file)
void keepPomVersions (File poms, final String debianPackage)
POMInfo readPom (Reader originalPom) throws XMLStreamException
POMInfo readPom (File originalPom) throws XMLStreamException, FileNotFoundException
void setVerbose (boolean verbose)
POMInfo transformPom (File originalPom, File targetPom, boolean noParent, boolean keepPomVersion, String setVersion, String debianPackage) throws XMLStreamException, FileNotFoundException, IOException
void transformPom (File originalPom, File targetPom) throws XMLStreamException, FileNotFoundException, IOException
void transformPoms (File poms, final String debianPackage, final boolean keepPomVersion, final String setVersion)

Static Public Member Functions

static Map getPomOptions (File poms)
static void main (String[] args)

Protected Member Functions

boolean acceptDependency (Dependency dependency, POMInfo info)
void indent (XMLStreamWriter writer, int inLevel) throws XMLStreamException
boolean isInfoElement (String element)
boolean isReadIgnoredElement (String element)
boolean isWriteIgnoredElement (String element)

Protected Attributes

final XMLInputFactory factory = XMLInputFactory.newInstance()

Private Member Functions

void addRules (File file, Set dest)
void copyAndFillProjectHeader (XMLStreamReader parser, XMLStreamWriter writer, int inLevel, Dependency pomInfo, boolean keepPomVersion, POMInfo info, Dependency parent, String debianPackage) throws XMLStreamException
void copyNsAndAttributes (XMLStreamReader parser, XMLStreamWriter writer) throws XMLStreamException
int inc (Map dependencyIndexes, String selector)
void writeDebianProperties (XMLStreamWriter writer, int inLevel, POMInfo info, String debianPackage) throws XMLStreamException

Static Private Member Functions

static void foreachPoms (File poms, POMHandler handler)
static int inc (int i, String[] args)

Private Attributes

Set ignoreRules = new TreeSet()
Set publishedRules = new TreeSet()
Set rules = new TreeSet()
boolean verbose

Static Private Attributes

static final List INFO_ELEMENTS
static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(POMTransformer.class.getName())


interface  POMHandler

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